Ontario’s Back-To-School Plan Just Dropped & Students Can Do Field Trips, Sports & More

Students and staff will still need to wear masks indoors.

Ontario’s Back-To-School Plan Just Dropped & Students Can Do Field Trips, Sports & More

The Ontario Government just released the provincial back-to-school plan and things are going to look a bit more normal.

Students in elementary and secondary school in Ontario will be returning to indoor learning this fall five days a week. However, remote learning will still be an option for students and parents not quite ready to get back into the classroom.

The plan does not say that students need to be vaccinated to attend classroom learning.

Students and staff will be required to self-screen before attending school every day, and students from grades one to twelve will be required to wear masks indoors with the exception of when they're eating, drinking or engaging in a low contact physical activity.

The school board will provide parents with a checklist "to perform daily screening of their children before arriving at school and self-assessment tools should be made available to staff to ensure awareness of possible symptoms of COVID-19," reads the document.

Extracurricular activities like sports, clubs and band will resume with participants wearing masks indoors and socially distancing. Wind instruments and singing are allowed without masks if distance can be maintained.

Students and faculty congregating outdoors will be allowed to interact without masks, but physical distancing will be encouraged when possible but not required.

Field trips both day and overnight will also be permitted.

Brooke Houghton
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