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Ford Says In-Class Learning Will Return Even If He Has To Drive The School Bus Himself

In-person learning is set to return this September.

Toronto Associate Editor

Ford Says In-Class Learning Will Return Even If He Has To Drive ...

Picture this: it is the first day of the fall term, the bus rolls up to your stop, and Premier Doug Ford is sitting at the wheel to take you to class. On Monday, July 26, Ford announced that he is going to ensure kids return to in-person learning at Ontario schools for the upcoming year, even if he has to drive them himself.

In a press conference, the premier revealed that students will be returning to class this September and a plan is on the way.

"We're going to make sure the kids are going back to school in September," Premier Ford said. "They're going to be in class, I want to repeat that, they are going back even if I have to hop in that school bus and drive them myself."

Back in June, Minister of Education Stephen Lecce announced the province's goal to bring back a "more normal" school year.

Ontario apparently has had the longest interruption of in-person learning in the country, and recently, Ontario's Science COVID-19 Advisory Table deemed face-to-face learning "essential."

"The physical, emotional, and developmental health of children and youth has been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions placed on schools," the experts wrote.

Some universities have already announced their back-to-class preparations. Seneca College is making it a condition for any student and staff member to be fully vaccinated if they wish to go on campus, while the University of Toronto won't be making it mandatory for in-person learning this coming year.

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