You can add some sparkle to your summer by visiting this Ontario mine, which boasts tons of glimmering gemstones.

The Princess Sodalite Mine is located in Bancroft, the Mineral Capital of Canada, and plans to reopen on June 14, provided restrictions are lifted.

The area is home to a rock shop as well as a rock farm, where you can hunt for your own gemstones to take home.

There are around 75 mineral varieties that can be found on the farm, including amethyst and garnet, and guests can bring their own tools if they wish.

If you're planning on exploring the mine, don't forget to wear closed footwear so you can hunt for gemstones.

Princess Sodalite Mine Rock Shop

Price: $2 per pound of rocks

When: June 14 to October 11, 2021

Address: 31241 Hwy. 28 E., Bancroft, ON

Why You Need To Go: Shop for sparkling stones or search for your very own treasures at this Ontario rock mine.


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