Toronto Just Revealed Everything That's Changing In The City During The Shutdown

Here's what will be different and what's staying the same in Toronto.
Toronto Just Revealed Everything That's Changing In The City During The Shutdown

On Thursday, the premier announced that Ontario would enter a provincewide shutdown for four weeks on April 3, 2021, at 12:01 a.m.

In a new guide, the City of Toronto has laid out everything that will be changing when Ontario's shutdown goes into effect.

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While many of the restrictions will be staying as they are, Toronto will see changes to outdoor gathering limits, religious services, restaurant dining, and recreation services.

Here's what's changing in Toronto during the shutdown

There are a few more restrictions within the shutdown than there were in the lockdown.

The lockdown zone was recently revised to permit outdoor dining, however, restaurants will only be permitted to operate delivery and takeout services during the shutdown.

Outdoor gathering limits have also been lowered from ten to five people and outdoor fitness classes are now prohibited.

Religious services, weddings, and funerals can take place indoors at 15% capacity indoors and can be modified outdoors to the number of people that can safely social distance.

Indoor social gatherings associated with or following any wedding, funeral, or religious service, rite or ceremony are not permitted, meaning that you can have a wedding but not a reception.

Here's what's staying the same in Toronto during the shutdown

Many of the current restrictions in Toronto will remain in place for the next four weeks. 

Indoor gatherings are still limited to household members only and if you live alone, you are permitted to spend time indoors with one other household.

Retail spaces will be allowed to stay open at a 25% capacity. Personal care services, fitness facilities, theatres and cinemas will remain closed. Intra-provincial travel is still not permitted.

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