Parts Of Ontario Will Be Hit With Snow & Winter Weather This Week

Northern Ontario could be sent back to winter!
Ontario's Weather Forecast Is Calling For Snow This Week

Depending on where you live in Ontario, you could either be digging out your sunscreen or your winter coat. While parts of the province are expected to get hit with heat waves this week, other areas may be hit with snowfall. Ontario's weather forecast is calling for some winter weather in June. 

According to The Weather Network, parts of northern Ontario will be under the threat of snowfall this week thanks to a low-pressure system that is moving into the area. 

While snow in June sounds impossible, according to TWN, having a run-in with the white stuff during the summer months isn't super rare. 

Throughout Wednesday and into Thursday, the storm will move into Lake Superior where a threat of flakes is possible. 

However, accumulation is likely in the extreme northwestern Ontario. 

Yet, not all of the province is in for a snowy week. 

Unlike their neighbours to the north, southern Ontarians are in for a total scorcher.

Daytime temperatures of close to 40 C are bringing widespread heat warnings across several areas, creating a perfect contrast of hot and cold.

The heatwave is expected to last into Wednesday. 

York-Durham, Windsor-Essex-Chatham, and the GTA are just a few of the regions expected to experience daytime highs in the upper 30s.

However, temperatures will start to drop off near the end of the week throughout Ontario. 

According to TWN, provincial temperatures could be nearly 15 C below the normal seasonal weather.

By Saturday, Toronto could see daytime temperatures reach 17 C, so you might want to postpone that beach trip. 

According to Toronto's 14-day forecast, though, temperatures will rise back up to 27 C by the end of next week. 

So the beautiful summer weather won't be disappearing for long! 

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