Ontario Is In For A Sweaty Week With Temperatures Reaching Nearly 40 C

We are going to be hit by another heat wave this week.
Ontario's Weather Forecast Is Sizzling This Week With Temps Reaching Nearly 40 C

You might want to stock up on some sunscreen this week. Ontario's weather forecast is calling for temperatures floating around 40 C across the southern part of the province. So if you can’t stand getting sweaty, you might want to stay inside with your beloved AC. 

According to The Weather Network, the incoming heatwave is going to build up gradually throughout the week before cooling off slightly by Sunday.

Everywhere from Toronto to Peterborough is expected to be melted by the long-awaited warmth. 

In Toronto, residents can expect to feel temperatures reach up to 30 C on Saturday. However, the humidity will make it feel more like 35 C

Areas such as Windsor will feel a bit more warmth, with temperatures feeling as hot as 37 C

The heat is also expected to be accompanied by thunderstorms. So if you're heading out this weekend, you won't want to forget your raincoat. 

“We will see a warming trend next week with abundant sunshine. Temperatures on Monday will be a few degrees warmer - reaching the lower 20s," read a statement from TWN.

[rebelmouse-image 25984807 photo_credit="The Weather Network" expand=1 original_size="535x288"] The Weather Network

"The warming trend will continue Tuesday with near seasonal temperatures.”

As a cold front blows into the province on Friday, some regions can get around 10 millimetres of rain from the thunderstorms that will be moving through. 

However, when these storms will hit is still uncertain. 

The new wave of hot weather comes right on the heels of an exciting announcement for Ontarians.

Earlier this month, the provincial government announced that it would be reopening its remaining beaches across the province in areas that are ready to enter stage two of recovery.

So you can spend the sizzling weather near the water this weekend. 

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