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Pearson Airport Is Getting New Flights Soon & They'll Whisk You Away On A Dream Euro Vacay

Just in time for the summer, too! 🛫🌍

Toronto Associate Editor
Pearson Airport Is Getting New Flights Soon & They'll Whisk You Away On A Dream Euro Vacay

Attention all travellers: Air Transat just announced that more flights from Pearson Airport, just in time for a summer vacay.

In a news release posted on November 11, the airline revealed that it will be expanding its European flight program out of Pearson Airport as well as adding destinations just south of the border for summer 2022.

On top of adding 14 weekly flights right into London, England, Pearson passengers will also have 13 other incredible European destinations to choose from, and here's where they can go:

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 4 flights/week
  • Athens, Greece - 3 flights/week
  • Barcelona, Spain - 2 flights/ week
  • Dublin, Ireland - 5 flights/week
  • Glasgow, Scotland - 4 flights/week
  • Lamezia, Italy - 1 flight/week
  • Lisbon, Portugal - 5 flights/week
  • Manchester, England - 4 flights/week
  • Paris, France - 4 flights/week
  • Porto, Portugal - 3 flights/week
  • Rome, Italy - 5 flights/week
  • Venice, Italy - 1 flight/ week
  • Zagreb, Croatia - 2 flights/week

Air Transat is also adding four weekly flights to Fort Lauderdale, and three into Orlando, Florida, from Pearson Airport.

They are also including 18 weekly flights into various tropical and sunny destinations in Mexico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

Pearson isn't the only airport getting new flights for the summer; Air Transat is also expanding its flight program out of Montreal and Quebec City.

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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