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A Bear On The Loose Was Reported In The GTA Only For Police To Discover It Was A Beaver

"Bear with me,  it was a beaver."
Toronto Staff Writer
Peel Police Went Searching For Bears Last Night & It Turned Out To Be A Beaver

A hilarious case of mistaken identity had Peel police officers in Mississauga searching for bears last night.  

Peel Regional Police received reports on Wednesday evening that two small bears had been spotted near a Mississauga conservation area.

The animals were reportedly in the area of Old Derry Road and Second Line West at approximately 7:40 p.m. 

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Soooo....... bear with me,  it was a beaver. Case solved.

Peel Regional Police

Investigators discovered quickly that the "two bears" were actually a beaver.

Officers on scene closed the case and have since left the area.

Oddly, enough this isn't the first time an Ontario beaver has been mistaken for something much more menacing. 

Back in May, Brampton police searched tirelessly overnight after receiving reports of an alligator sighting. 

The menacing gator also turned out to be a beaver. 

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