Protester Who Hurled Gravel At Justin Trudeau Sentenced To House Arrest

The incident took place in 2021.

Trudeau in London while stones were being thrown. ​
Associate Editor

Trudeau in London while stones were being thrown.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was pelted with pieces of gravel by a group of angry protesters back in September 2021 during a visit to London, Ontario.

Recently, one of the protesters responsible for throwing the gravel was sentenced to three months of house arrest, according to CTV Toronto.

The incident was captured on video by a CBC journalist as Trudeau was leaving a brewery after a meet-and-greet event.

An Ontario man, Shane Marshall, was sentenced to 12 months of probation along with his house arrest on Monday, CTV Toronto reported. He pleaded to common assault in March.

Marshall has also been ordered to attend counselling and is prohibited from coming within 100 meters of the Prime Minister.

Earlier on the same day of the incident, at a different campaign event, Trudeau stated that he was not intimidated by the groups who were confronting him during his campaign.

"I know we'll not allow those special interest groups, those protesters who can — I don't want to even call them protesters — those anti-vaxxer mobs to dictate how this country gets through this pandemic," he said.

"They don't get to dictate the policy of this government."

According to CTV Toronto, Marshall's defence lawyer argued that his client had been experiencing "anger management issues" when he "tossed stones" at Trudeau during his campaign stop in 2021.

The case's presiding judge ultimately sentenced him to house arrest rather than jail time.

According to CBC London, the judge said that it was Marshall's first offence and that he was young.

Rhythm Sachdeva
Associate Editor
Rhythm Sachdeva was an Associate Editor for Narcity Media Group based in Toronto.