Toronto Stores Just Reopened & There Are Long Lines All Over The Place (VIDEOS)

People are lining the streets outside the Eaton Centre and Yonge Street stores.
Malls In Toronto See Long Lines Grow As Shoppers Flock (VIDEOS)

With the stay-at-home order now lifted, retail stores in Toronto have reopened at a reduced capacity as part of the revised lockdown, as well as in Peel Region and North Bay. 

At around 11 a.m. on Monday, shoppers were already flocking downtown to the Eaton Centre and surrounding stores.

Long lines are beginning to form outside of stores like HomeSense, Nike and Foot Locker as retailers adhere to the 25% capacity limit, per the province's new rules.

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A line formed ahead of the Eaton Centre's reopening in front of the Hudson's Bay entrance on Queen Street. It's one of several malls in Toronto that's inviting shoppers back today. 

[rebelmouse-image 26009932 alt="Toronto Malls" photo_credit="Lance McMillan | Narcity" expand=1 original_size="1620x1080"] Lance McMillan | Narcity

Eaton Centre employees screened all guests and other employees, as per their COVID-19 protocols. 

Inside the mall, the Nike store had an entirely separate queue.

Along Yonge Street, HomeSense was one of the stores that had shoppers waiting outside. 

Apparently, Foot Locker was high on people's post-lockdown to-do list. The line can be seen wrapping around the building.  

People waited to get into the Shops at Aura, which has a Marshalls and HomeSense store as well. 

Look, Torontonians are serious about their shopping, alright?