Snoop Dogg Is Giving Free Hot Dogs To Torontonians This Friday So You Can Feel 'Like A G'

SkipTheDishes is setting up a pop-up cart.

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Snoop Dogg Is Giving Free Hot Dogs To Torontonians This Friday So You Can Feel 'Like A G'

Snoop Dogg is bringing free hot dogs to the people of Toronto, and you can pick yours up this Friday, Doggy style.

The rapper is rolling out a pop-up hot dog cart at Forno Cultura on Queen Street West on Friday, February 11 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to celebrate his partnership with SkipTheDishes.

The duo released a "Snoop Dogg x Skip remix you can get down to" to encourage Canadians to order food in style.

"People said it could never be done — a Skip track that you can get down to. That's why they brought me in, to put some spice on it," Dogg said in a press release.

According to SkipTheDishes, around 1.4 million hot dogs were ordered on the app in 2021, and to celebrate they wanted to launch a limited-time pop-up in Toronto.

In 2020, Snopp Dogg released a song and video in collaboration with Just Eat (which acquired SkipTheDishes in 2016) called, "Did Somebody Say," and it got over 17 million views on YouTube.

Just Eat | YouTube

The video shows Snoop sitting watching TV and complaining, saying, "I'm sick of this, get those Just Eat foods online for me. We gon' do this Doggy style."

"Me, get delivery like a G. See, hungry Dogg gotta eat. I get mine every day, every week. Chicken wings to the crib I'm sittin' in," he raps.

"I see food, seafood sees me. J-U-S-T E-A-T, did somebody say Just Eat," the video concludes.

From February 11 to 13, orders placed anywhere in Canada using Skip Express Lane, which allows customers to order groceries and household items using their app, will include a Snoop-inspired sticker sheet, while supplies last.

As Snoop Doggy Dog once said, "What could you not love 'bout a slice on the side of the hot tub?"

Honestly, nothing. He's so right.

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Toronto Associate Editor
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