Summer is right around the corner and Mother Nature is wasting no time with bringing the heat. Southern Ontario weather is going to get sweaty this week with humidity and temperatures expected to intensify as the days go on. So you might want to consider spending your first day of summer in front of the AC. 

This Saturday is not only the first day of summer but also the day with the longest amount of sunlight. 

If you were planning on celebrating the occasion on the beach, you will want to pack some extra sunscreen and water. 

According to The Weather Network, Saturday will be a scorcher with temperatures reaching as high as 38 C in parts of the province. 

Toronto will see the weather reaching as high as 35 C, while areas such as Ottawa will get the worst of the sticky temperatures by nearly hitting the 40 C mark.

The heat will start to make its way into the province by the middle of this week and is expected to last until Sunday. 

"Extended period of sunshine and a warming trend through the middle of this week. This will give us gorgeous mid-summer weather for the final official days of spring," said TWN meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

Friday is also going to be a total scorcher in southern parts of the province with daytimes temperatures reaching as high as 34 C in some areas.

Despite facing intense heat this weekend, the first official week of summer is expected to be much more comfortable in terms of weather.

A cold front is expected to move back into Ontario on Sunday and will bring cooler temperatures as well as some thunderstorms into next week. 

“Forecasters are closely watching the timing of a cold front that will slowly track into the region Sunday, and into early next week, with a few periods of showers and thunderstorms, bringing much needed rain by that time,” read a statement from TWN.

The city of Toronto can expect temperatures to drop back down to 24 C next week, according to the 14-day forecast.