The Northern Lights Will Be Visible Over Ontario Tonight And Tomorrow

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The Northern Lights Will Be Visible Over Ontario Tonight And Tomorrow

As Canadians, we're lucky enough to host the amazing light show in the sky that is the Aurora Borealis. Unfortunately, the Northern Lights are usually only visible over the Northern-most parts of the country like the Yukon and Northwest Territories. But tonight that's not the case! 

Residents in various parts of Ontario will be getting a very high chance of spotting the Aurora Borealis in the sky tonight, January 31st, and tomorrow, February 1st according to the Space Weather Prediction Centre's 3-day forecast. 

A G1 minor geomagnetic storm is in alert for tonight and tomorrow which basically means it's the perfect storm offering great chances of viewing the Northern Lights in certain parts of North America. 

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Via Space Weather Prediction Centre

The SWPC states that the provinces and states in the vicinity of the green line in the graphic above will have the best chances of viewing the Northern Lights tonight and tomorrow. 

It's a little hard to see here but the green line passes through places like Sudbury, Algonquin Provincial Park, North Bay, and Ottawa! It could even be possible to see them in spots just outside of Toronto if you venture out from the city lights. 

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Via Yasushi Tanikado |

If you're in other parts of Canada you can also spot the Aurora Borealis in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and southern parts of Quebec and BC! You won't have to hop on a flight all the way up North or to a glass igloo in Norway to view this stunning light show tonight and tomorrow. 

Check out their website to learn more about Aurora sightings and to find out the perfect time to look outside tonight and tomorrow!