If you needed some heartwarming news to start your weekend off, look no further because The Toronto Zoo's baby zebra has officially entered the world!

Tori, a ten-year-old endangered Grévy's zebra, gave birth to the little guy in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The Zoo welcomed the foal by posting a video montage of his first few days on Earth to their Instagram.

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The foal can be seen hopping and jumping about as he learns to walk for the first time.

According to the zoo, the Grevy’s zebra has been "listed as Endangered by the International Union for Conservation and Nature (IUCN) for decades, and the wild population currently numbers only 3000 individuals."

This is why the Toronto Zoo is part of the AZA Grevy’s Zebra Species Survival Plan (SSP), which involves the captive reproduction of Grevy's zebras.

This new foal isn't The Toronto Zoo's only adorable baby animal, either.

Adira, the baby red panda, has spent 2020 winning over the hearts of Zoo visitors and Instagram users alike.

We just can't wait until we can see these baby animals in person again!