The Toronto Zoo's baby red panda is getting more adventurous by the day, and it's all the wholesomeness you need to get through another Monday.

Adira, who became the zoo's first red panda cub in 24-years back in July, has supplied plenty of adorable moments throughout the past months. 

However, her latest video, posted on October 24, highlights just how much she's grown.

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Once so cuddly and small that all she did was sleep, Adira is now showing off her true personality, and it looks like she is going to be a handful.

The video shows the little critter exploring her pen, and it looks like she's curious about everything. 

Only a few months old, and she's already chomping bamboo and climbing like a champ. 

However, the zoo states that she is still a little slow when it comes to walking down logs. 

Adira appears to be in good spirits, a hopeful sign for the endangered species' future.