These Are Some Of The Cheapest Spots To Buy A Home In Ontario RN

Buying a house in Ontario may seem like a dream, but some areas are a bit more affordable than others.

According to a new report by RE/MAX, the housing market will remain strong this fall, driven by young buyers and a low supply of houses.

This means "Canadian housing market prices are anticipated to increase by 5% in the remaining months of 2021, according to RE/MAX brokers and agents."

So while some areas may be cheaper than others, the market is still rising, which means you may need to save a little extra to afford your dream home.

Here are the least expensive areas to buy a single-detached home in Ontario according to the average prices from January to August 2021:

  1. Thunder Bay, $325,656
  2. Sudbury, $400,052
  3. North Bay, $403,682
  4. Kingston, $631,280
  5. Muskoka, $652,510
  6. London, $705,314
  7. Peterborough, $720,700
  8. Niagara, $735,440
  9. Ottawa, $775,020
  10. Hamilton, $856,565
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