This Dreamy Sunflower Maze Near Toronto Takes You Deep Into A Forest Of Golden Blooms

You can explore a giant corn maze too. 🌻

Hanes Sunflower Maze.
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Hanes Sunflower Maze.

You can enjoy golden hour all day long at this stunning sunflower farm near Toronto. The Hanes Corn Maze & Tiny Shop Bakery has reopened its dreamy sunflower maze for the season and it's full of magic.

The farm, which is located in Dundas, Ontario, features a 10-acre sunflower maze you can get lost in for a unique summer adventure. The maze features several varieties of sunflowers and will immerse you in a golden wonderland.

The flowers stand at two to 12 feet tall and come in shades of yellows, oranges and reds. The adventures takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete and you can see thousands of blooms as you explore the area.

In addition to the sunflower maze, the farm also has a corn maze which stretches for 20 acres. The massive adventure has 10-foot cornstalk walls and different checkpoints throughout. This year, the farm has added a new section to the maze.

The maze takes 1 to 2 hours to complete and you'll want to wear proper shoes. You can even try solving the maze after dark for an extra challenge. Don't forget a flashlight!

If you work up an appetite, you can stop by the farm's Tiny Shop Bakery. The venue offers tons of treats including pies, scones, cookies and other baked goods.

Tickets for the maze experiences can be purchased online and cost $19 per adult. The sunflower maze will be open until September 1, weather permitting.

For a fun summer adventures near the city, this enchanting sunflower maze promises a worthwhile road trip.

Hanes Sunflower Maze

Price: $19 per adult

Address: 1001 Hwy 5 W., Dundas, ON

When: Until September 1, weather permitting

Why You Need To Go: Get lost in a forest of golden blooms at this sunflower maze near Toronto.

Accessibility: Stroller accessible but may be difficult in muddy conditions

Hanes Sunflower Maze

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Madeline Forsyth
Associate Editor
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