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A Toronto Casting Call Wants To Pay You $2,500 If You Speak French

Your bilingualism is about to pay off big time. 💵
Toronto Casting Call Will Pay $2,500 For One Day If You Speak French

If you're fluent in French, you stand a chance to make over $2,000 in just one day.

A Toronto casting call issued by Mann Casting is looking for Toronto adults aged 30-45 who are fluent in French for a commercial shoot.

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They are looking for both a woman and man who speak French fluently and are accepting applications from all races and nationalities, as long as you can attend the shoot in the GTA area.

Other than your French-speaking ability, the only other requirements listed are a "natural, approachable look" and a "clear speaking voice."

Est-ce que ceci vous ressemble? 🇫🇷

French Speaking Actor

Salary: $2,500 for a day of work

Company: Mann Casting

Who Should Apply: 30-45 year olds in the GTA area who are fluent in French

Apply Here

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