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Over Half Of Ontarians Say They Aren't Very Happy With Their Sex Life RN

But a majority are still having sex weekly.

eharmony just released the results of their newest poll, asking Canadians about everything sex and romance, and it turns out that Ontarians' sex lives could use some work.

According to eharmony's results, 55% of Ontarians are reporting that they are not very happy with their current sex lives.

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Despite this, 61% of Ontarians reported still having sex weekly — quantity over quality, perhaps?

The past year has increased stress on Ontarians' relationships overall, but men tend to feel this more than women (27% vs. 18%).

If you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, Toronto sexpert Dr. Jess recently shared how to get in the mood if the pandemic has you feeling unsexy AF.

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This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Canadians appear to have been getting busy during the lockdown, and a tiny town out west has officially been tapped as the "kinkiest city" in the country.

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Justin Trudeau Says He's Put 'Everything On The Table' For Federal Help In Ontario (VIDEO)

The PM has reached out to other Premiers to see what they can do to help out.

Things are getting bad enough in Ontario and Toronto that Justin Trudeau is sending us encouraging videos to comfort us.

In a video posted on Sunday, April 18, the prime minister urged Ontarians not to "give up" and laid out the ways the federal government and other provinces are helping Ontario deal with its third wave.

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Even More Age Groups Can Get A COVID-19 Vaccine In Ontario Starting Today

Ontario's vaccine rollout is going full steam ahead.

The rules for who can book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment in Ontario have changed as of Monday, March 22.

Starting this week, all Ontarians over 75 can book an appointment, as well as residents 60 and older in certain regions. 

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Over 300 pharmacies in Ontario will be offering doses of a COVID-19 vaccine starting this week.

The provincial government released the full list of pharmacies on Wednesday, March 10, which are located all across southern Ontario.

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