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You Have 8 Days Left To Enjoy A Snowless Toronto If This Year Is Anything Like 2018

"Snow at the end of October does happen in Toronto."

When winter hits, there's always one thing on everyone's mind in Toronto: when is the snow coming?

It's possible, however rare, for Toronto to get its first snowfall in October, The Weather Network tells Narcity.

Meteorologist Matt Grinter says it does happen, "however the chances are low."

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As we head into November, the chances become greater.

Matt Grinter, The Weather Network

"It's not until the end of November where the odds of seeing an appreciable snowfall increase," said Grinter.

Toronto's earliest snowfall within the last ten years was recorded in 2018, when 2 cm fell on October 27.

The earliest ever recorded was 0.8 cm of snow, which fell in Toronto on October 9, 1976. 

Parts of Ontario already got their first snowstorm of the season this past weekend.

Thunder Bay residents woke up to a dusting of white stuff on Sunday.

And if this year is anything like what Toronto saw in 2018, our snow-free fall days are numbered.