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This Tiny Toronto Home For Sale Is Nearly $1M & Looks Like It's From A Nightmare

It even comes with an abandoned rocking horse.

If you're looking to buy a Toronto home, it's hard to find something that won't break your wallet. 

While there a few spots that you can find for under $1 million, not all of them are good-looking. 

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One property for sale in the neighbourhood of Cliffcrest is being sold as is, and it looks like something you would find in a horror movie. 

The three-bedroom home looks like it has been abandoned and does give you those creepy vibes. 

One photo even features an abandoned rocking horse, which is exactly what fuels some horror movies. 

However, if you're someone handy, this spot could be perfect for some renovations. For just under $1 million, you could turn it into your dream home. 

Tiny Toronto Home

Price: $999,000

Address: 68 Scarborough Heights Blvd., Toronto, ON

Description: This tiny house in Toronto will make you feel like you're in a horror movie.

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