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Knife-Wielding Squirrel Was Spotted Wandering Around Toronto (VIDEO)

It looks like 2021 is getting off to a weird start. 

A knife-wielding squirrel was filmed strolling around a Toronto backyard and it looked way too casual.

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The bizarre video, which was captured by Andrea Diamond, was posted to Twitter on January 6.

In the video, a chubby squirrel is seen fiddling, with what looks to be a sharp knife, while sitting on a fence.

At one point, the tiny creature even appears to be nibbling on the blade. 

Diamond noted in a follow-up tweet that she "randomly spotted" the squirrel on Wednesday morning.

"I kept thinking it could hurt itself and run away but It kept coming back to it," she added.

Is this the weirdest thing to happen in Toronto since Segway Man? You'll have to be the judge. 

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