Toronto Squirrel Apparently Stole A 7-Eleven Taquito & It's More Iconic Than Pizza Rat

Taquito squirrel DESERVES its taquito.

Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto Squirrel Apparently Stole A 7-Eleven Taquito & It's More Iconic Than Pizza Rat

New York may have pizza rat, but it's time to meet Toronto's taquito squirrel.

Jen Foote, a professor at George Brown College, spotted the ambitious creature on January 12 while she was sitting in her car in Mimico, Toronto.

"I was just about to run out and run an errand, and I saw this little squirrel running down the alley with this big taquito in its mouth," Foote told Narcity.

"I live right by the 7-Eleven, so I knew immediately what was in its mouth, and I just had a split second – I fumbled for my phone because I was thinking, 'Oh my god, it's like pizza rat.'"

Foote managed to get her phone out in the knick of time to capture the black squirrel running full throttle down the alley with a taquito clamped between its teeth.

Foote says she and the squirrel locked eyes as it passed her.

"It made eye contact with me, and I had just gotten into the car and turned on some tunes, and when I played it back, I didn't even realize I had kind of serendipitously recorded the music along with it so perfectly."

As Foote's camera focuses on the squirrel, you can hear the country song playing in the background sing 'If you look down on the ground" the second the camera arches up to focus on the squirrel before it runs out of view.

Footes says she watched the video in her car a few times and that it felt like the universe was giving her a laugh right when she needed it the most.

She decided to share the laughter and posted the video to a local Toronto Facebook group.

"Everyone is struggling, and everyone I know is struggling right now," she said. "We just have to get through the day and have these little glimmers of light or silver linings."

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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