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Toronto Is Cracking Down On Mask Usage At Condos & Apartments With The Most Complaints

Tory says City staff will be sent to these buildings as early as today.

Residential buildings in Toronto could soon see additional COVID-19 enforcement, says Mayor John Tory.

In an episode of CP24's The Mayor that aired Tuesday evening, Tory said that additional enforcement in residential buildings where the city has seen multiple complaints about mask usage would be deployed as early as Wednesday.

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We're going to be having people out there, like tomorrow. And you know who you are out there.  Mayor John Tory

Tory told the outlet that City staff would be "talking to the owners, [...] putting signs up [and] making sure they're put up in those buildings to get people wearing a mask."

A city-wide analysis showed that 12 buildings had received 10 or more enforcement complaints.

Those are the buildings that Tory's additional enforcement efforts will focus on.

Tory said that 75% of the complaints originated from rental buildings, while 25% came from condo buildings.

In total, the City has received 1,950 complaints through 311 about improper mask usage in shared residential spaces.

Mask usage has been mandatory in shared spaces of condominiums and apartments since the city implemented a bylaw in August.