The Toronto Islands are always a summer hotspot, and it looks like this season is no different. Photos and videos from the past few weeks show boats packed with people travelling to and from the islands. The Toronto Island Ferry officially reopened to the public on June 27, 2020.

New safety protocols were implemented in order to ensure visitor safety, such as mandatory face coverings and limited capacity on the vessels.

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Despite these measures, photos and videos have emerged on Twitter showing boats crowded with people.

On July 17, a Twitter user posted a photo of a packed vessel with the caption, "Toronto Island Ferry makes me uncomfortable just looking at it..."

A video posted to Twitter on July 13 revealed another crowded ferry.

Another Tweet from July 21 indicated that some people were removing masks once onboard. 

"Some people put them on to get past staff and then took them off once on the boat..." the tweet read.

However, other Twitter users have posted about the quietness of the islands, even calling it a "ghost town."

The City Of Toronto informed Narcity of the safety protocols in place for the operating ferries.

According to the City, boats are capped at 50% of their regular capacity, and all passenger loads are counted and logged by staff.

Staff also distribute passengers around the deck and cabins to ensure distancing. Announcements are made onboard to prevent people from congregating in areas.

Face coverings are required when travelling on the ferry, and the City has an additional relief vessel that reduces wait times and line ups.

The City suggests travelling outside of peak times in order to avoid crowding. 

Beaches and bars in Toronto have also faced overcrowding despite distancing regulations.