Toronto Landlord Calls Out Tenant With A Massive Sign Demanding They Pay Rent (VIDEO)

"I am really tired of the lack of support for landlords in Ontario."
Toronto Landlord's Sign Demanding A Tenant Pay Rent Was Hung Up On His Building

Tensions are rising in the rental community. Things got heated after one Toronto landlord's sign demanded their tenant pay rent. The sign was hung up on the rental building and was later vandalized.  

Landlord Liz Woosey put up a Facebook post of the very public message, which explicitly names the tenant and calls him out for not paying 13 months of rent, a sum of $16,250.

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The sign calls on Doug Ford to help landlords who are not receiving rent from the occupants of their units. 

"I am really tired of the lack of support for landlords in Ontario," Woosey wrote in her post. 

The landlord also claims that the tenant vandalized the sign after it was hung up. 

The post has since gone viral and has garnered thousands of comments, showing the rigorous debate surrounding landlord-tenant relations.

Now that Ontario is out of a state of emergency, evictions will be able to resume.