Good news for bargain hunters! It's been confirmed that a BiWay store in Toronto will be making a comeback this fall, and everything will be under $10. The store will be located in a huge warehouse near Yorkdale Mall and is set to open in November 2020.  

Comparable to places like Honest Ed's and Bargain Harold's, the BiWay was a Canadian discount favourite that had tons of useful and affordable goods of all kinds. 

According to Retail Insider, the popular but discontinued chain store was sold back in the late 90s and had its last big locations closed by 2001. 

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Now, they are making a reappearance in a 15,000-square-foot space on Orfus Road, a neighbourhood with tons of warehouse stores and amazing deals. 

They have also launched the BiWay website, so you can view a variety of their goods online. 

You will be able to find good quality products from well-known brands for much cheaper than you normally would. 

The list of options includes kids and adult fashion brands, home accessories like kitchenware, and even sports jerseys. 

They will have stuff from Puma, The Gap, Old Navy, OshKosh and more.

The store will be priced in a way that you can get multiple items for a sum of $10. 

On Instagram, they have promoted "in store specials where you can get 1-4 of a specific item for $10."

However, it won't just be clothes and home stuff. You can even go grocery shopping in the same space.

On their website, they state that they will be offering an array of Kosher foods, Italian specialties such as olive oils, candies, cookies, and more.

Mal Coven, the owner of the iconic Canadian retailer store told Retail Insider that the new chain will feature “better quality, better brands, and better layout”.

BiWay Warehouse Store

Price: $10

When: November 2020

Address: 71-95 Orfus Rd., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Get a huge discount on your favourite brands and buy all sorts of stuff for $10 or less.