Mayor Tory Says Food Delivery Apps "Suck The Blood" Out Of Local Restaurants

He says they need to step up and slash their fees.
Mayor Tory Says Food Delivery Apps "Suck The Blood" Out Of Local Restaurants

Apps like UberEats and Skip The Dishes took another big hit in Toronto Wednesday afternoon when the mayor straight up called them blood suckers.

"Even in direct conversations with them, they will tell you about other things they're doing ... but none are going to be as meaningful as taking these gigantic commissions that really suck the blood out of the efforts that people are making to support their local restaurants," Tory said at his press conference. "It makes no sense."

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I think these companies that get their business, whose customers are the very restaurants that are suffering, should be stepping forward as a matter of good corporate citizenship and just sound business.

Mayor John Tory

Tory is lining up behind Premier Ford, who has also called for the food delivery apps, whose commissions they charge restaurants can go as high as 30% per order.

And that's in addition to what they charge us.

Tory is the co-sponsor of a motion that was before City Council as he spoke that calls for a cap on food delivery service fees.

The motion was made by Councillor Michael Ford, the premier's nephew.

The city has no power over the apps. The big ones are all based elsewhere, like San Francisco and Winnipeg. But Tory hopes the motion, if passed, will help the huge apps decide to do the right thing.

"I think that will just be one more thing that hopefully sends a message," Tory said, "that these people should take this initiative on their own instead of being told by governments."