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Toronto Police Busted A Bunch Of Large Gatherings Over The Weekend & Handed Out 41 Charges

They also handed out tickets at a hookah bar, gaming house, and nail salon.
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It was a busy weekend for Toronto police, who enforced Ontario's new stay-at-home order by breaking up large gatherings across the city. 

According to Matthew Pegg, Toronto fire chief and general manager of the City’s Office of Emergency Management, the TPS issued 41 charges this weekend because of large gatherings on private property.

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41 Charges handed out by the TPS this weekend

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Pegg said officers also inspected retail stores, bars and restaurants to ensure that COVID-19 rules were being followed.

He said that the TPS issued 10 charges and 12 notices to retail stores over the weekend, including some to housewares stores, nail salons and a hookah lounge.

Nearly 150 bars and restaurants were inspected over the weekend, too, but Pegg said officers didn't have to hand out a single ticket. 

When it came to breaking up personal gatherings, however, Pegg said officers were kept a little busier — they ended up issuing 41 charges over the weekend.

"This included a gaming house and gatherings in private residences," Pegg said.

Pegg also mentioned that police broke up multiple protests over the weekend, which led to several arrests and charges.

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