The Toronto Police Service is working to improve relations with the city's vulnerable communities in response to a disturbing statistic.

TPS released its 2021 Operating Budget Request on Wednesday, in which it reported a 42 percent increase in hate crimes.

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In response to a concerning 42% increase in hate crimes, the Service is assigning additional officers to increase investigative capacity.  Toronto Police Services 

Now, it has been announced that additional staff will be allocated to the Hate Crime Team. 

These officers will work to strengthen their relationship with vulnerable communities in the city. 

"Fighting crime and keeping people safe will always be our singular focus," added Jim Ramer, Chief of Police.

"These reallocations reflect what we’ve heard loud and clear from Torontonians over the past year."

On top of this, police also announced that they would be asking for no increase in this year's budget. 

“This year, we’re committed to doing more without asking for more,” said Ramer.

Toronto police faced harsh criticism in the summer of 2020 following the deaths of two distressed residents. 

Numerous "Defund The Police" protests occurred in Toronto over the summer, amidst accusations of systematic racism.