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Toronto Police Seized A Rusty AF Gun & It Looks Like It Belongs In A Game Of Jumanji

Police confirmed that it's been sent off to their firearm forensics team.

Toronto Associate Editor
The rusted gun that Toronto Police seized.

The rusted gun that Toronto Police seized.

The Toronto Police Service (TPS) found a gun that looked like it had been stuck at the bottom of Lake Ontario for decades.

On Monday, August 22, TPS officers tweeted a photograph of a rusty gun on their TPS Guns Seized account. Outside of saying that police found and took this gun off the streets sometime this week, no other details were provided about the deal with this particular firearm.

Constable Sinderela Chung from TPS confirmed to Narcity that this is the actual gun officers seized. In a pinned tweet to the TPS Guns Seized account, officers note that some of the pictures they share will not be of the actual firearm itself, but an illustrative one of the same make and model.

But, this one right here, in all its rustiness, is the real deal.

Chung couldn't share any other details about where or when the gun was found as it is part of an active investigation but said that the firearm has been "sent for further firearms forensics."

Even though there isn't much information about this weathered gun story, many Twitter users had come up with their own theories about it.

"The serial number on this gun is 1," one user wrote.

Another joked that the streets this gun was actually found in were from the fictional, cartoon town of Bikini Bottom. Maybe somebody should go check to see if Spongebob is ok?

"is this the gun that killed all the dinosaurs," another said. Someone else also thought this gun was discovered sometime during the Mesozoic era.

Another user pointed out that this isn't the first time TPS discovered a decrepit-looking gun, and even suggested that the gun holders were all part of the "same gang."

No matter the origin story, the picture of this crusty-looking gun has gotten over 20,000 likes and counting.

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