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Toronto Anti-Mask Protest Looked Like A Trump Rally This Weekend (PHOTOS)

Multiple Donald Trumps were in attendance!

If you found yourself at Yonge and Dundas this past weekend, you’d be forgiven if you thought you had ended up at a Trump rally.

On Saturday, a large group took to Toronto streets again for the weekly "freedom protest.

And a lot of Trump supporters showed up.

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Trump flags could be seen adorning numerous vehicles along Yonge Street.

Some people brought signs, while others made their own on the spot.

A few people even wore Trump masks to the march.

The hair looked a bit off on some of the masks, but you could still tell who it was referencing from far away.

A lack of masks and social distancing mirrored the scenes from a lot of Trump rallies.

The iconic red hats could also be easily spotted.

Trump's name appeared everywhere, even on clothing.

Some flags you just couldn't help but stare at.

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