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Tory Says Torontonians Are 'Not More Than Weeks' Away From Eating At Restaurants Again

Patios could be coming back sooner rather than later.
Toronto Restaurants Could Be 'No More Than Weeks' From Opening, Says Tory

Mayor John Tory offered Toronto restaurants a glimmer of hope on Wednesday while fielding questions about the city's eventual reopening.

Tory told CP24 that restaurateurs will likely be able to welcome customers in the upcoming weeks. 

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"I would say that we are dealing here with not more than weeks," Tory said.

Tory also gave an inside look at what this reopening could look like. "We are more likely to go through [...] a pathway that says we reopen outdoor dining first and then indoor dining after that," he stated. 

However, the mayor did warn that the city's recent struggle against new COVID-19 virus variants would likely factor into the decision. "We have to very, very carefully consider these things and of course the decision is ultimately up to the province," Tory added.

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Tory Says The City’s Response To Encampment Evictions Is 'Compassionate But Also Firm'

Protesters also "obstructed" City staff from doing their jobs, the mayor said.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Mayor Tory weighed in on the Toronto encampment evictions during a press conference on Wednesday, July 21, and defended the City's method for approaching the situation.

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Doug Ford Is Now Reversing Some Aspects Of Ontario’s Stay-At-Home Order

Playgrounds can reopen and police will no longer be able to stop people at random.👇

Just days after details about Ontario’s latest stay-at-home order were announced, the provincial government is walking back some of its restrictions.

By Sunday, April 18, the government had revealed it would be reversing some aspects of the restrictions on outdoor spaces and altering the newly announced policing powers.

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Toronto Mayor John Tory got a dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine on April 10 at a Shoppers Drug Mart and said he "literally did not even feel the needle."

It was broadcasted live on CP24 and before getting it, Tory said he wasn't nervous and doesn't mind needles as long as he can watch it going in.

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Toronto Is Looking At Vaccinating People In High-Risk Situations Regardless Of Age

Mayor Tory said the city was thinking of more "targeted approaches."

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Speaking to CP24 on Monday morning, Tory said that the city is interested in more "targeted approaches" for people in high-risk work settings and neighbourhoods.

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