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Toronto Trading Cards Are Apparently Being Hidden In The City & They Are Hilarious

They even got IKEA Monkey!
Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto Trading Cards Are Apparently Being Found The TTC & They Are Hilarious

Residents are currently trying to catch 'em all as Toronto trading cards are reportedly appearing around the 6ix. 

TTC riders are claiming they are finding unique and hilarious cards of the city's most infamous icons around the stations. 

Everyone from Chair Girl to the IKEA Monkey has been stylized and recreated for the mysterious stunt.

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One Instagram user, Fee Gunn, told Narcity that they reportedly found one of the mysterious tokens, "tucked in the edge of a seat on a Line 1 train."

Reddit users also shared their own stories of finding the hidden gems.

"I found the chainsaw bros #2 on the subway," wrote one user.

The cards appear to be made by a company called "Infamous 6ix."

Narcity reached out to the creators for further details and are awaiting a response. 

Some clever captions are also recorded on the back of each card.

Chair Girl's reads that her actions "Paved the way for the birth of a distinctly modern media career."

"One that included a glamour iced coffee accessorized post court appearance, and a deleted cameo in a Drake video."

It is unknown how many more cards are waiting to be discovered. 

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