A Torontonian Took Montreal's Subway For The First Time & Said The TTC Is 'Lacking' (VIDEO)

"I can use my phone UNDERGROUND!?"

​Montreal Metro subway station. Right: TTC subway station.
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Montreal Metro subway station. Right: TTC subway station.

A TikTok video that's gone viral shows a Torontonian's reaction to riding Montreal's subway system for the first time, and it's safe to say they were blown away.

The video compares the Montreal Metro to the TTC, showing many visuals of their experience at a Montreal subway platform, riding the trains, and generally marvelling at its features, with the "this is nice" audio playing in the background.

"The TTC [has] been lacking lately," she wrote in the caption of her video.


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The TikTok video highlights the cleanliness of the Montreal subway stations and also shows travelators that are present in some of the stations, which can make it easier for commuters to get around.

There are added visuals of televisions on the Montreal subway trains, something that the TTC does not currently offer. These TVs provide commuters with real-time information about the subway's status, as well as news and other content.

Some people in the comments are quick to agree with the TikToker's assessment.

"I moved from [Montreal] to Toronto.. the public transit downgrade is unimaginable," one person wrote. "MTL train system makes me feel like I’m in Europe, lmao u mean to tell me I can use my phone UNDERGROUND!?" another person wrote.

The TTC has recently come under fire for its lack of service options, especially in light of the increase in violent incidents.

Telecommunications giant Rogers recently announced it will install 5G cell phone service on the TTC subway, which will take approximately two years to complete.

But many Montreal locals were dumbfounded by the reaction.

"Damn, if Montreal metro is good, I can’t even imagine how the TTC is 💀," was a top-liked comment on the video. "Damn… I really take things for granted in MTL," another person wrote.

One person from New York City said that they take the cake for the worst subways.

"All these people comparing the TTC and MTL subway but coming from NYC subway and using the TTC for the first time, I was blown away 😂😂," they wrote.

Rhythm Sachdeva
Associate Editor
Rhythm Sachdeva was an Associate Editor for Narcity Media Group based in Toronto.