A Teen Climbed Onto A Moving TTC Subway & Toronto Police Called His Injuries Catastrophic

The boy is now in critical condition.

A moving TTC subway. Right: A Toronto Police officer on patrol at a TTC subway station.

A moving TTC subway. Right: A Toronto Police officer on patrol at a TTC subway station.

A teenager remains in hospital with a head injury described as "catastrophic" after he tried to climb on top of a moving TTC subway.

The Toronto Police Service (TPS) said its officers were called to Warden Station shortly after 6:00 p.m., Monday, where they found the 16-year-old boy with injuries and a westbound subway car that had been stopped.

In a tweet describing the situation, police said a boy had attempted to "climb on top of a subway," while it was in motion and added the boy "struck his head in the process."

Speaking to the media at the scene of the incident, TPS Constable Michael Hayles offered further context as to how exactly this happened.

"It appears as though, from speaking to eyewitnesses, the young person was attempting to climb from inside one of the subway cars onto the roof of a moving train as it was approaching Warden Subway Station," said Hayes in a video posted by CTV Toronto.

Paramedics told Narcity the boy was transported to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries.

At the scene, police said the 16-year-old's condition had been upgraded to stable, though as of Tuesday morning, TPS confirmed to Narcity that he remains in the hospital in critical condition.

In a statement of its own on the incident, the TTC wrote, "our thoughts are with the victim and the crew of the incident train, who will receive all the support they need."

What led to this incident is something police are still trying to figure out, with Constable Hayles having said there was no altercation, and the boy wasn't trying to "escape a crime."

As the investigation into the incident at Warden Station continues, police have asked any witnesses to come forward.

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