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You Can Finally Ride GO Transit With Your Debit Card & It Looks Like The TTC Could Be Next

Tap your way across Ontario!

Debit card being tapped. Right: Go Train station. ​

Debit card being tapped. Right: Go Train station.

Associate Editor

Starting today, commuters in Ontario have a new option to pay for their transit rides.

The Ontario government has introduced the ability to tap a debit card or payment app on Presto card devices when taking public transportation in the province, including on GO Transit.

This means that riders on GO Transit, UP Express, Brampton Transit, Burlington Transit, Durham Region Transit, Hamilton Street Railway, MiWay in Mississauga, Oakville Transit, and York Region Transit can use their debit card or smartphone to conveniently pay for their ride.

The new contactless payment option is also available on paratransit services in Burlington, Durham Region, Hamilton, York Region, Oakville, and Ottawa.

“With millions of active users across the GTHA, the launch of debit payment on PRESTO devices is another way our government is making transit more convenient and accessible for Ontarians,” Caroline Mulroney, the Minister of Transportation, said in a release.

“By increasing transit payment options, we are giving more people more options to access public transit in ways that work for them.”

Presto currently has approximately 4.7 million active customers.

It's important to note that the fare structures may differ by individual transit agencies, so riders should check the price before they tap, the Ontario government said. It's possible that a discount may apply when using a Presto card.

The Ontario government introduced debit payment on the same platform following the successful launch of credit card tap payments on Presto last August.

There's also some good news down the line for TTC transit riders in Toronto.

The Ontario government announced that it is working with the TTC to introduce both credit and debit payment options.

"To be ready for credit and debit payment, TTC devices require upgrading. We recently completed installing these new devices on TTC streetcars and buses; soon, the fare gates at TTC subways will be fully upgraded too," a representative from Metrolinx told Narcity in an email.

"Come summer 2023, you’ll be able to tap your credit and debit card to pay your fare on the TTC."

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