Toronto's 'Friends' Experience Takes You Right Into The Show & Here's A First Look (PHOTOS)

It opens this week!

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Two women sitting on a replica of the couch from 'Friends'. Right: Replica of Monica's apartment from 'Friends.'

Two women sitting on a replica of the couch from 'Friends'. Right: Replica of Monica's apartment from 'Friends.'

Oh. My. Gawd. The time has finally come - The FRIENDS Experience officially opens in Toronto this week, and if you're a fan of the show, you'll want to pivot your plans and check it out.

The exhibit, named "The One in Toronto," makes its international debut on July 14, 2022 at Yorkdale Shopping Centre and will run until January 2, 2023. The attraction is totally dedicated to the iconic sitcom Friends, and you can explore themed sets, photo ops, and more.

Created by Superfly X, Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television Group, the interactive exhibit first came to life as way to celebrate the show's 25th anniversary.

From the Thanksgiving turkey to Monica's purple door, the experience is overflowing with classic moments from the show, and here's a first look.

The Friends Experience at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. The Friends Experience at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

The exhibit features 12 different rooms and activations that allow you to live like a main character. Upon entering, you'll find yourself by the couch and fountain seen in the show's opening credits.

A television screen plays the credits and iconic music, immersing you deeper into the scene and providing some inspiration for dance moves and photo ops.

Replicas of couch and fountain from 'Friends'. Replicas of couch and fountain from 'Friends'. Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

As you continue through the exhibit, you'll discover different installations including replicas of the cast's clothing, original scripts, and even a display dedicated to all of Rachel's haircuts.

Replicas of costumes from 'Friends'. Replicas of costumes from 'Friends'. Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

Stop by Chandler and Joey's apartment, where you can relax in the recliners and play a game of fuse ball. Or, head to the stairwell and attempt to "pivot" the sofa with your friends.

Joey and Chandler's apartment.Joey and Chandler's apartment.Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

You can even pull a Joey and try on all of Chandler's clothes at one unique photo op. There are endless spots to grab photos, and decals on the ground indicate where your designated photographer should stand in order to get the best shot.

Monica's kitchen. Monica's kitchen. Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

Monica's apartment is one of the highlights of the exhibit. You can walk right in through the purple door, bustle around the kitchen, and take a seat at the table. It will come as no surprise that this spot is "Monica clean."

Purple door from 'Friends'. Purple door from 'Friends'. Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

Of course, no trip into the Friends universe is complete without Central Perk, and the exhibit finishes off with a recreation of the beloved cafe.

The spacious room will take you right inside the sitcom. You can sit with your friends on the orange couch while holding a mug and even explore behind the bar to live your best barista life.

Central Perk bar area.Central Perk bar area.Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

There is a gift shop just before the exit, so you can browse for all sorts of Friends-themed goodies. Tickets for the experience are available online, so get ready to go "on a break" at this immersive exhibit.

The FRIENDS Experience

\u200bOrange couch at Central Perk.

Orange couch at Central Perk.

Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

Price: $40 per adult

When: July 14, 2022 to January 2, 2023

Address: 3401 Differin St., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Live like you're a star of Friends at this immersive exhibit opening in Toronto.


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