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It's Going To Be Ridiculously Hot In Toronto This Weekend

Summer weather isn't going anywhere just yet! 🥵
It's Going To Be Ridiculously Hot In Toronto This Weekend

Fall may be upon us, but summer temperatures are hanging on for a little while longer. Toronto's weather forecast is predicting humidity levels of up to 32 C this weekend. 

According to The Weather Network, Saturday and Sunday will feel like 30 C and 32 C, respectively, with a mix of sun and clouds.

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The Weather Network

The warm weekend will be followed by a few days of rain, so make sure to soak it up while you can.

And you better not wish away the sun too soon, because the Farmer's Almanac predicts an extra brutal winter in Ontario this year.

Thankfully, though, The Weather Network predicts that toasty temperatures will dominate the forecast into November in Ontario. So, it seems like we won't need our winter coats for quite some time.

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Parts of Ontario are under threat of tornadoes again, after intense storms touched down in Ontario last night.

Environment Canada put out a severe thunderstorm warning at 3:25 p.m. this afternoon for Renfrew, Pembroke and Barry's Bay, saying, "a tornado is also possible." Other risks for the area include dime-sized hail and 80 km/h wind gusts.

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A mess of chaotic Ontario storms had residents running for cover on Tuesday evening, and it seems that the brutal conditions aren't over just yet.

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Fall weather in Ontario is on its way, and chilly temperatures are coming along with it!

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Ontario Storm Is Getting So Bad Today That Environment Canada Is Warning Of Funnel Clouds

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