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Toronto Could Be In For An Extra Brutal Winter This Year

"Much colder than normal" weather is coming to parts of Ontario.
Toronto Could Be In For An Extra Brutal Winter This Year

Winter is coming, and it's coming in strong. The Farmers' Almanac just released its predictions for Toronto’s winter 2020 forecast. It predicts a warm fall going into an especially chilly winter in some areas of Ontario.

That's right — it’s time to dig your warmest parka and winter boots out of the closet because it’s going to be a wet and flakey one.

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Ontario is in for an extra snowy winter this year, according to The Farmers' Almanac predictions. However, warm weather is expected to linger well into the fall. 

September and October forecasts show that we can expect mild temperatures, hovering around 15 C, with intermittent showers throughout the month of September.

As for the long-range details of the report, central Ontario's winter weather will be mostly normal.

However, the further west you go in Ontario, the colder it will get this winter.

Western Ontario is in for "much colder than normal winter temperatures," says the Farmers' Almanac.

"[We are] red-flagging the second week of January over Ontario and Quebec for a possible heavy snowfall," reads the report.

If you're keen on a winter wonderland this year, you may want to head west.

Western Ontario is likely to see more snow than the central and eastern regions as well.

The Almanac has dubbed this winter to be the "Winter of the Great Divide," due to its variance in winter weather nationwide.

This is likely due to the unusual outlook of the upcoming winter, in which The Almanac is predicting "cold and snowy conditions in the north, dry in the west, and everything crazy in between."

While British Columbia, Alberta, and the prairies could see winter temperatures much lower than usual, it is the opposite for the Maritimes, who will see a much warmer winter average.

And then there's Ontario, which will get a taste of both extra-cold and extra-snowy. Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!

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