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Tragically Hip Star Gord Downie's Rosedale Home Is Up For Sale & Can Be Yours For About $6M

Calling all Toronto fans of The Tragically Hip: frontman Gord Downie's former home is now up for sale in the city, and it's just a stone throws away from Castle Frank subway station.

Downie's stunning former house is currently on the market for a cool $5,988,000, and it may not actually be the kind of home you'd imagine a rock legend living in (though it is a very elegant home!)

Courtesy of Donna Thompson | The Thompson Team

Nestled at 12 McKenzie Ave. in Toronto's ritzy Rosedale neighbourhood, this sprawling four-bedroom and six-bathroom house offers over 6,000 square feet of space for its prospective buyers.

Courtesy of Donna Thompson | The Thompson Team

The foyer is tiled with luxurious marble and has high cathedral ceilings to admire right as you walk in.

Courtesy of Donna Thompson | The Thompson Team

With large bay windows and marble-floored fireplaces, this is the ultimate dining room to host dinner parties in.

Courtesy of Donna Thompson | The Thompson Team

The bright open-concept kitchen comes with a large walk-in pantry, a Sub-Zero wine fridge and an island for guests to sit at while you cook over the gas stove. There's even an Intercom system so you can call the whole family down when breakfast or dinner is ready.

Courtesy of Donna Thompson | The Thompson Team

The family room is filled with tall bay windows and french doors that lead out to the house's back deck.

Courtesy of Donna Thompson | The Thompson Team

All four bedrooms are fitted with high ceilings and hardwood flooring, and each of them has its own ensuite bathroom.

Courtesy of Donna Thompson | The Thompson Team

The master bedroom even comes with its own fireplace and a massive walk-in closet that has plenty of drawers and hanging to fit all of your wardrobe (and likely more).

Courtesy of Donna Thompson | The Thompson Team

The basement has heated flooring, an exercise room, and a bar area.

Courtesy of Donna Thompson | The Thompson Team

Plus, right from the basement, you can walk right out into the cozy, sunny backyard.

Gord Downie's Former House

Price: $5,988,000

Address: 12 McKenzie Avenue, Toronto, ON

Description: This spacious Rosedale home boasts four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and plenty of natural light seeping through the many windows throughout the house. There is also an infra-red sauna and five different fireplaces for you to cozy up by. Plus, an actual rockstar used to live here.

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Celebrities are lucky enough to live practically wherever they want. To no one's surprise, the great city of Austin, Texas is home to many, including some celebs who were born in the Lone Star State. We've comprised a list of Austin celebrities who still live here, and you won't believe the size of some of these places.

Matthew McConaughey

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Bobby Epstein

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Elijah Wood

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Jensen Ackles

Area: Central Austin

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Jared Padalecki

Area: Central Austin

Description: Padalecki is known to frequent Austin, so it makes sense that he's got a home here. With a massive tennis court in the backyard, we're sure he invites his buddy Ackles over all the time.

Robert Rodriguez

Area: Central Austin

Description: This home is about as close to an actual castle as you can get in Texas. It's been used in a Disney movie so it's no wonder it came upon the director's radar.

Willie Nelson

Area: Luck Ranch, 30 miles outside of Austin

Description: Nelson is the epitome of Texan. And of course, rather than own a house in the state, he owns an entire ranch which is home to about 70 horses! All of which have been rescued. Now that sounds like a Disney castle.

Alex Jones

Area: East Austin

Description: This less-than-liked by the public conspiracy theorist does indeed have a home in Austin. Jones has McConaughey and Epstein as neighbors, we wonder if they get together for dinner sometimes?

Canadian icon, Gord Downie, has passed away at 53. In December of 2015, the singer  was diagnosed with aggressive and incurable form of brain cancer which would eventually take his life. Downie passed on Tuesday night, surrounded by friends and family. 

"Gord knew this day was coming – his response was to spend this precious time as he always had – making music, making memories and expressing deep gratitude to his family and friends for a life well lived, often sealing it with a kiss… on the lips," read the official statement. 

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