A Transport Truck Carrying Whey Protein Caught Fire On The 401 & The Powder Is Everywhere

It made for an early start to shovelling season.

Ontario Editor
OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt. Right: A transport truck that caught fire.

OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt. Right: A transport truck that caught fire.

Ontario Provincial Police had quite the mess to clean up on the 401 west of Toronto Tuesday morning after a transport truck caught fire.

The vehicle was carrying a full load of whey protein powder which wound up getting spread across the roadway.

"All those bodybuilders out there that are looking for some protein, there's a whole pile of it here," said OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt. "I'm not making any milkshakes."

Crews had shovels out to pick up the mounds of protein that surrounded the burnt truck.

Some of the powder looked to have melted to the ground — what a lovely smell that must've caused.

Police said the fire happened on the 401 eastbound approaching James Snow Parkway and left traffic reduced down to a single lane.

"We had a transport truck lose its trailer axels (...) It looks like we have a failure here, likely maybe one of the bearings blew up. It lit a fire. It burned out the axel, up on the trailer," said Schmidt.

No injuries were reported.

At one point in the video, Sergeant Schmidt shows what's left behind of the tire that caught fire.

The cleanup caused major delays in the area for several hours but police said they hoped to have things cleaned up by early Tuesday afternoon.

Stuart McGinn
Ontario Editor
Stuart McGinn is Narcity’s Ontario Editor and focuses mainly on covering major provincial and local news stories across the province. Stuart is from Ottawa and is now based in Toronto.
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