An Ontario Driver Was Caught Going 167 km/h While Police Were Filming A PSA (VIDEO)

They got it all on radar and video.

An OPP officer holding a radar gun. Right: OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt.

An OPP officer holding a radar gun. Right: OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt.

Ontario Provincial Police were caught by surprise when filming a PSA about stunt driving Monday afternoon.

While speaking on camera, an officer clocked a driver going 167 km/h and had to put his filming duties on hold.

"We're just doing some speed enforcement here at Highway 404," said the constable, who identified himself as PC Officer Wong at the beginning of the video.

"About half an hour ago I had someone going 169 km/h in the posted 100 zone. Given the weather conditions and the traffic volume that shouldn't be happening on our highways today. So, we're just out here making sure everyone's following the rules of the road," Wong explained, holding his radar gun while parked in his cruiser on the side of the highway.

The officer then lifted the radar gun back up to his eye before catching another driver going almost just as fast.

"Oh, 167!" Wong exclaimed before he quickly turned his attention from the filming of the video to the more important task at hand — getting onto the highway and catching that speeding vehicle.

As the cruiser took off, the camera then flipped around to Sgt. Kerry Schmidt.

"I promise you that was not planned," said Schmidt. "That just happened right now. Incredible."

Schmidt looked visibly disturbed by what he had just seen and shook his head before ending the video by saying "I'm going to go find out what's going on."

One person reacted to the post saying their mind was blown, especially with this happening "during the height of PM rush hours, DURING THE HEIGHT OF SCHOOL BUSING HOURS, and even on a day that many children will be out and about - HALLOWEEN."

Stuart McGinn
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