A 19-Year-Old Was Caught Going Twice The Speed Limit & Told OPP He Was 'Only Going 150'

Uhh... even that is still stunt driving.

Ontario Provincial Police clock a driver going 200 km/h.

Ontario Provincial Police clock a driver going 200 km/h.

Ontario Provincial Police get all kinds of excuses when their officers stop drivers for speeding and they got another one recently.

Police clocked a driver going double the speed limit on Highway 8 in Kitchener and while it's one thing to be driving 200 km/h, but it's another to try and defend it.

"Officer, I was only going 150," is what police say the driver told them.

Even if that were true, that's a big speeding ticket and stunt driving penalties in Ontario kick in when a driver is caught going 50 km/h or more over the posted limit.

The 19-year-old was behind the wheel of a Porsche when he was stopped and has since been charged with stunt driving and dangerous driving.

Both are hefty charges for a young driver but to make matters worse, the teen was also caught driving with a suspended license.

Police said the driver's vehicle has since been impounded for 14 days while per provincial rules, the driver would receive another license suspension -- on top of the one he already has.

One Twitter user questioned whether the young man's parents should be held responsible if he was driving their vehicle illegally.

Stuart McGinn
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