Police Are Forcing People Out Of The Encampment At Trinity Bellwoods Park (VIDEOS)

Activists are forming human chains around tents to try and stop the evictions.

Toronto Associate Editor
Trinity Bellwoods Encampments Are Being Evicted By Toronto Police

The City of Toronto announced today that trespass notices are now being enforced at Trinity Bellwoods Park after they were issued 10 days ago on June 12.

"All individuals experiencing homelessness in this encampment, estimated at 20 to 25 people, will be offered safe, indoor space, with access to meals, showers and laundry, harm reduction, physical and mental health supports, and a housing worker," said the City's statement.

Occupants of the encampment are being given two hours to pack their belongings and leave, and "all other belongings will be collected and stored for up to 30 days for future pickup."

Advocates from the Toronto Shelter and Housing Justice Network and the Encampment Support Network Toronto (ESNTO) are in the area as police and security move to dismantle the encampment.

Toronto police officers were sent to the park at 4:18 a.m. to begin the eviction process, reports Global News. CBC News reporter Linda Ward tweeted a video of security guards disembarking from TTC buses.

Advocates formed human chains around some of the tents to prevent authorities from accessing them.

Police were seen lining up around Shaw Street, where Encampment Support Network Toronto asked activists to meet.

Mounted police were also present in the area.

"Residents who are asking for support have been surrounded by security and a fence. We do need you to come," said ESNTO on Twitter, along with a photo of fences being installed near the encampments.* The City told Narcity in an email that the "fencing is being installed to safely allow for cleaning, as well as soil and turf remediation."

"It appears the city plans to build a fence around the encampment areas, and restrict who can enter and leave," tweeted Toronto-based activist and journalist Desmond Cole. "Today is a very important day to show up for encampment residents."

*This article has been updated.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor
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