Protest Over Toronto's Encampment Clearing Turned Violent Today With Many Arrests (VIDEO)

Lamport Stadium was total chaos.

Protest Over Toronto's Encampment Clearing Turned Violent Today With Many Arrests (VIDEO)

Things took an ugly turn in the city on Wednesday after Toronto police and protesters clashed at a homeless encampment outside of Lamport Stadium.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

The two groups grappled violently with each other as the City of Toronto attempted to enforce trespass notices issued to individuals at the site, where more than 30 makeshift structures had been set up.

According to CBC, more than 22 people were arrested by police during the protest.

Footage of the resulting arrests, some of which appeared to involve officers tackling and dragging individuals, began popping up on Twitter Wednesday afternoon, causing backlash.

Toronto Police Services reported that at least one officer had been injured after being sprayed with "an unknown substance" during the encampment clearing.

The city released a statement on July 21 explaining the decision to remove the homeless population from the site.

"All individuals experiencing homelessness in this encampment, estimated to be between 14 and 17, are being offered safe, indoor space, with access to meals, showers and laundry, harm reduction, physical and mental health supports, and a housing worker," the statement reads.

"Occupants will be given time to pack two bags of belongings to take with them. All other belongings will be collected and stored for up to 30 days for future pickup."

Patrick John Gilson
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