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Toronto Is Clearing Out Another Park Encampment Today & TPS Have Already Arrested 9 People

This comes a month after they cleared a Trinity Bellwoods encampment.

The City of Toronto and Toronto Police are clearing out another homeless encampment in the city today.

On July 20, the City announced it had begun to enforce trespass notices that were issued at Alexandra Park on June 12.

Lance McMillan | Narcity

Toronto Police Operations tweeted that officers would be on the scene to assist City staff with the clearing of the encampment. A total of nine people have been arrested as of this article's publication, according to a follow-up tweet.

"Officers continue to provide support to @cityoftoronto staff & enforce the law when called upon to do so. Anyone refusing to leave the park, can be arrested/charged," the police operations centre tweeted.

Lance McMillan | Narcity

Advocates from the Encampment Support Network Toronto (ESNTO) and ESN Scadding tweeted out a call for support at Ryerson and Queen for a demonstration "in support of encampment residents being evicted ASAP."

Lance McMillan | Narcity

"There are no City housing or outreach workers here - where residents of the park are being ejected into the street on Ryerson," Shelter And Housing Justice Network, another housing advocacy account from Toronto, tweeted.

"Piles of everything people own on sidewalks, carried and in carts as they move on to, likely, the next park. There is no permanent housing on offer."

Lance McMillan | Narcity

Last month, hoards of officers and security guards went to Trinity Bellwoods Park to evict the residents at the park's encampment.

Ailish Forfar | Narcity

"Enforcement is only called upon when everyone has been offered a safe alternative and notice has been provided," a spokesperson for the City wrote to Narcity in an email. "As a last resort, Toronto Police have been asked to support City staff as they ask people to leave and clear the encampment."

This story is ongoing, and Narcity will update the article as new info becomes available.