The City of Toronto announced on Tuesday that they would enforce trespass notices that were issued at Trinity Bellwoods Park for homeless encampments earlier this month.

In the press release, the City revealed that Toronto Police would be on the scene as they attempt to relocate the estimated 20 to 25 people.

However, since the announcement, it appears that hundreds of people have gathered at the park to protest the removal of the homeless encampment.

Photos on social media show swarms of residents attempting to protect the tents located at the park. One video even appears to show protesters creating a human shield around the camp.

As more protestors continue to show up at Trinity Bellwoods, it appears that police are following. Videos on social media show hordes of police making their way to the area, some even on horseback.

In a statement to Narcity, the Toronto Police revealed that "police are present onsite to keep the peace and to ensure the safety of the encampment residents and the city employees during their engagement today."

"We don't disclose numbers of officers, but there is an appropriate presence given the size of the park and the activity by protesters."

So far, there have been several arrests, some due to residents assaulting officers.