Tory Says The City’s Response To Encampment Evictions Is 'Compassionate But Also Firm'

Protesters also "obstructed" City staff from doing their jobs, the mayor said.

Tory Says The City’s Response To Encampment Evictions Is 'Compassionate But Also Firm'
Toronto Associate Editor

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Mayor Tory weighed in on the Toronto encampment evictions during a press conference on Wednesday, July 21, and defended the City's method for approaching the situation.

"I would say that we're trying our very best to do this in a way that I've described many times as compassionate but also firm," Tory said. "We must find safer, more healthy, legal, indoor accommodations for people who have many needs for support in their lives, provide those supports, and do it in a way that preserves everyone's safety."

The encampment evictions at Lamport Stadium on July 21 turned violent between enforcement, protesters and residents, which led to a total of 26 arrests.

Tory also alleged protesters have gotten in the way of the City staff doing their job and said some had even followed staff home.

"They have been harassed at their home, they face all kind[s] of verbal abuse, the likes of which most people would never be expected to put up with at their jobs from, frankly, the protesters," Tory said.

The mayor also added that a large number of protesters on the scene "necessitate" more and more police officers.

This is the third such encampment eviction in a month, after encampments at Alexandra Park and Trinity Bellwoods saw police officers and city officials clashing with protesters, too.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor