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Annie Murphy Is Raising Money For Toronto Encampments By Selling A Very Meaningful Dress

She says it might have some "anxiety sweat in the armpits," though. 😂
Annie Murphy Is Selling Her First Red Carpet Dress To Raise Money For Toronto Encampments

Schitt's Creek star Annie Murphy is giving back in a big way to encampment residents in Toronto.

The star, who grew up in Ottawa and later moved to Toronto, is auctioning off her very first red carpet dress and donating the proceeds to an important cause.

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The size four black gown, which she wore to the Canadian Screen Awards in 2015, might come with "anxiety sweat" in and around the armpit area, she admits.

However, she says it's a very nice dress and even comes with handy pockets.

Murphy says that half of the proceeds will go to Toronto's Encampment Support Network, an organization that advocates for encampment communities in the city.

"The other half will go to an awesome charity (Canadian or American) that we both agree on like a couple of mature adults," she says.

She provides her email in her Instagram post, saying that she'll respond to the highest bidders.  

Murphy also made another announcement on social media, saying that she's making a Schitt's Creek spinoff called Schitt's Bern, a passionate romance between Alexis Rose and Bernie Sanders

If that isn't the greatest combination of all time, we don't know what is.

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